Big goals. Start-up mentality.

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Starting up a business, or an event, from scratch, there are a lot of unknowns. Building something sustainable from the ground up? That’s where Garibaldi Events really steps into our strength.

Our secret? Keep it simple.

Living through the philosophy that simplicity equals success, we’ve created an approach to designing, planning, and implementing events that offers an experience as out of the ordinary as every event we support.

Yet simplicity and sustainability doesn’t mean ordinary. Or boring.

It means using what we’ve got, adding in details that make a difference, and letting the uniqueness of your business or brand do the talking.

By bringing extra focus to areas most event management companies miss (pre- and post-promotion, amplifying the business personality, and building sustainable communities and revenue systems), we help clients see the power of events in telling their story, and building their brand in a whole new, highly engaging way.

While there’s a lot about events that’s unpredictable, here’s one thing we know for sure:

We do what works, so your event works for you.

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Meet The Team

With expert skills honed from nearly 10 years of working together, the Garibaldi Events team and extensive list of expert contractors offer clients a holistic support network from ideation through to implementation.

Spanning marketing and communications, IT + AV, customer and guest support and experience, and design/build/execute, we’ve collectively executed hundreds of events – with nearly every client coming back to work with us again (and again…).

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Shannon Lorenz, Founder

Part creative director, part operations expert, part business strategist.

An uncommon mix of skills and passion to find in a founder of an event management company – yet there are no three things that better sum up what makes Shannon stand out in a sea of event activators.

The blend of creativity and strategy Shannon possesses from 15+ years’ industry experience has become Garibaldi Events’ signature trademark, now synonymous with their every event and experience. Crafting fine-tuned balance sheets, business plans and stellar creative visions, she’s set the tone for events that come together in unparalleled displays of community and connection.

With repeat clients as the norm at Garibaldi Events, Shannon’s pursuit of creativity expresses itself beyond the design and decor; finding unique ways to recreate annual events, agile ways of adapting logistics to changing social climates, and navigating the unpredictable nature of events as a whole with purpose, curiosity, and strategies designed to pivot, powerfully.

Turn your story into strategy.

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Let’s work together to bring your brand or your business to life. Reach out and let us know what you’re planning – and how we can help.